Georges Bank at Tallulah on Thames, November 26, 2013

We were delighted to host the final Eating with the Ecosystem dinner this year at Tallulah on Thames!. With Chef Jake Rojas and co-owner Kelly Ann Maurice, we celebrated the Georges Bank ecosystem with a great menu and two thoughtful and informative speakers.

Menu by Chef Jake Rojas: "Taste of Georges Bank"
SQUID | piquillo / olive / radish / lemon confit
SCALLOP | butternut squash / curry / coconut
SKATE | green bean almondine / potato puree / cabbage / burre noisette
MONKFISH | duck pastrami / puttanesca / pappardelle

Brett with caption.jpg

Brett Tolley is a fisheries activist originally from Cape Cod, where he comes from a four-generation fishing family. Brett has worked in the fishing industry hanging nets, working on boats of various gear-types, and commercially shellfishing. But as a young man he made the decision to become a fisheries activist rather than a fishermen. That decision led to his becoming the community organizer for the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, where he has been working to represent the interests of New England's community-based fishermen at the policy level, most recently working to assure a diverse and sustainable groundfish fleet in the face of accelerating consolidation of access to commercial fishing. 

matt with caption.jpg

Matt McKenzie is a fisheries historian based at the University of Connecticut Avery Point, and in addition to teaching and researching the history of New England fishing, he represents Connecticut on the New England Fisheries Management Council, a post that gives him unique insight into the current issues affecting fish and fishermen in our region. At the dinner, Matt will talk about the seasonal nature of preindustrial local fishing, highlighting the diversity of species eating and the daily, small-scale flavor of the fishery. Read more about Matt in this interview, and view his recentTEDx talk here.

Videos of our featured speakers' presentations. First, UCONN historian Matt McKenzie gave us a perspective going back in time:

Then, Brett Tolley of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance told us about growing up as the son of a fisherman, finding common ground with family farmers, and what he has learned through his journey as a fisheries activist:

Guets had lots of questions for Brett and Matt. This is the Q&A session: