Speaker Events

Join Eating with the Ecosystem at one of our public speaker events where we talk about topics such as our New England seafood and the inspiration behind out mission, our cookbook Simmering the Sea, or our research.

Dates for upcoming speaker events can be found on our Events Calendar

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Through the Scales & Tales Food Boat program, Eating with the Ecosystem offers free, fun, educational events to teach consumers about our local seafood, fisheries, and ecosystems. These events raise awareness for and promote local lesser known seafood species and include seafood cooking demonstrations, free samples of local seafood, and storytelling by fishermen and scientists. We are always looking for local chefs to work with us for these events.



Eating with the Ecosystem hosts a series of seasonal fundraiser dinners at local restaurants to promote our mission of creating a place-based approach to sustaining New England’s wild seafood. We work with some of the region's most talented chefs to curate diverse and delicious multi-course seafood menus designed to tell the story of our local ecosystems. Each course features a different local fish and is often paired with wine or artisanal cocktails. While guests sit back and enjoy their meal, Eating with the Ecosystem's staff will teaches about the species being enjoyed and local fishermen share their stories of the day to day realities of living and working in our cherished marine ecosystems. 


School of Fish: Local Seafood Cooking Classes

Many of New England’s local fish species are only available in whole-fish format, which can be a barrier to consumers who do not have the skills to cook with or break down whole fish. Eating with the Ecosystem’s “School of Fish” workshops help overcome the intimidation and give home cooks the confidence to engage more broadly in the local seafood system.

At Eating with the Ecosystem’s School of Fish classes, local chefs will educate you on different methods for turning a whole fish - straight from the sea - into a marvelous dinner you can share with your family and friends. Learn how to use plentiful local species such as scup, whiting, Jonah crab, skate, dogfish, butterfish, slipper limpets, bluefish, hake, pollock, sea robin, summer flounder, and many more.