Simmering the Sea

Simmering the Sea: Diversifying Cookery to Sustain Our Fisheries is a cookbook collaboration by authors from Eating with the Ecosystem, Johnson & Wales University College of Culinary Arts, and the University of RI Graduate School of Oceanography.


About Simmering the Sea

You’ve heard that variety is the spice of life, but did you know that eating a wide assortment of seafood can actually help sustain ocean ecosystems?

Simmering the Sea is an underwater culinary adventure where you will meet (and learn how to prepare) forty underappreciated fish and shellfish that populate the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Sample species as varied as the coastal slipper limpet to the deep-water Acadian redfish, while learning how each one contributes to a flourishing ecosystem in the sea. Produced through a partnership between the University of Rhode Island, the nonprofit Eating with the Ecosystem, and Johnson & Wales University College of Culinary Arts, this is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind cookbook that can serve as your manual for a more intimate and balanced relationship with the marine ecosystems off New England’s shores.

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Where to find Simmering The Sea

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About the authors

Sarah Schumann fishes commercially in New England and Alaska and advocates for healthy marine ecosystems as a freelance educator and writer. Sarah holds a Masters of Science in Nature, Society, and Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford. Sarah is also the author of Rhode Island’s Shellfish Heritage: An Ecological History, published by the University of Rhode Island.

Kate Masury is Program Director of Eating with the Ecosystem, a small nonprofit whose mission is to promote a place-based approach to sustaining New England's wild seafood. Kate holds a Masters of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. 

Marie-Joelle Rochet is a fisheries scientist at the French Institute IFREMER (Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer). In 2008, she was awarded the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation to determine whether selective or non-selective fishing is less destructive to the marine ecosystem.

Rizwan Ahmed is a culinary instructor at the Johnson and Wales University College of Culinary Arts and chef-owner of the Rhode Rage food truck. He earned Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of Maine at Machias and a Diploma De Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu, London.

Léa Tirmant-Desoyen is an artist and illustrator based in Nantes, France. Paintings, unique artist's books, and illustrations come to life in her magic little studio. They illustrate her favorite themes: travel and nature, water and the ocean. She also teaches children and adults her wonderful skill of color.

Praise for simmering the sea

“As the sustainable seafood movement has matured, both the seafood industry and the culinary industries are beginning to understand that by identifying the general culinary traits of fish species, recipes can be developed to suit multiple kinds of fish.  This flexibility gives cooks the ability to prepare exactly what sustainable seafood the oceans can afford to give them. The authors have done yeoman’s work to identify the traits of little known, but very flavorful fish available in New England for the home cook. I believe this book will have more home cooks looking to butterfish, sea robins and slipper limpets as great alternatives to old less sustainable favorites.” — Barton Seaver, Chef and Author

“A charming book that delights the senses, Simmering the Sea is a beautifully crafted book that inspires us to have seafood dinners that, as Michael Pollan would say, are not only good to eat, but good to think. Léa Tirmant-Desoyen's vibrant illustrations capture the reader's imagination and bring the world just off our shores playfully, vividly and enticingly into our kitchens. The lively paintings and rhythmic prose sing off the page, telling seldom-heard stories of the sea creatures that rarely find their way onto our plates, but should.  It will immerse you in this important ecosystem, and it will make you hungry to be a sustainable part of it.” — Jennifer Bissonnette, Rhode Island School of Design Nature Lab

"From coast to coast, we are seeing the revival of place-based culinary culture. A growing commitment to knowing where our fish comes from and who caught it is shifting the seafood paradigm towards one that is more supportive of community-based fishermen. This instructive little cookbook goes the extra mile by tracing each fish's origins all the way back to the spawn. Know your fisherman, know your ecosystem, know your fish!" — Sean Barrett, co-founder of Dock to Dish ®

“I have been enjoying meals created by the authors for several years: butterfish, sea robins, slipper limpets. All quite delicious. Now with Simmering the Sea I can explore local seafood in my own kitchen and I will be able to continue my adventure with dogfish, skates, kelp, and more.” — Jon Hare, Oceanographer

Simmering the Sea takes it hook, line and sinker. I am always looking for new fish recipes for readers and customers.  Especially those underappreciated species like sea robins. Simmering the Sea gives you some background on the species and suggests how to turn it into a delicious meal. It’s a must-have.” — Dave Monti, charter captain and fishing writer

“Embracing flexibility in your seafood choices is the most fundamental component of a sound food system.  This book empowers the community to have flexible demand, which can then perfectly align with Nature's variable supply.  It is refreshing to read a book about all the great positive stories from our local fisheries, because there are many.” — Jared Auerbach, Chief Executive Officer, Red’s Best

Press for simmering the sea

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