Eating with the Ecosystem is a small nonprofit with a unique mission: to promote a place-based approach to sustaining New England's wild seafood.

 By fusing together the ecological knowledge of marine scientists and commercial fishermen, the creativity of the region’s most innovative chefs, the know-how of seafood businesses, and the enthusiasm of local seafood lovers, we advance a New England seafood system that supports the region’s marine ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

Our work is tethered to Five Anchors.

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Our programming includes a combination of educational events, citizen science research, supply chain facilitation, and public awareness-raising through print, web, and signage.

We overcome the limits of our small size by engaging in extensive collaborations, working with members of all parts of the local seafood supply chain and bridging the gap between ecosystem scientists and food systems thinkers to integrate a place-based approach to sustaining wild seafood into New England food system planning.

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What’s new

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Our cookbook “Simmering the Sea”

Want to diversify your local seafood diet, but don’t know how? Let this book be your guide!

Simmering the Sea is an underwater culinary adventure where you will meet (and learn how to prepare) forty underappreciated fish and shellfish that populate the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Sample species as varied as the coastal slipper limpet to the deep-water Acadian redfish, while learning how each one contributes to a flourishing ecosystem in the sea. Produced through a partnership between the University of Rhode Island, the nonprofit Eating with the Ecosystem, and Johnson & Wales University College of Culinary Arts, this is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind cookbook that can serve as your manual for a more intimate and balanced relationship with the marine ecosystems off New England’s shores.

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The "Eat like a fish” Report is out!

We are excited to release the results from our Eat Like a Fish citizen science research project!

This one-of-a-kind research project included weekly shopping expeditions, home cooking experiments, and adventurous dinner table taste tests. Eighty six citizen scientists journeyed to seafood markets, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and seaside fishing piers, stalking 52 New England seafood species for 26 weeks (at a rate of four randomly assigned species per person per week), making note of where they found them and where they didn’t. When they found them, they took them home for dinner. Their data gives a first glimpse into how well New England’s retail marketplace reflects the diversity of wild seafood in nearby ocean ecosystems, and helps explain why these mismatches exist, and what can be done to correct them.


our next event: June 6th Lecture in New Bedford MA

We will hit the road to share the results from our six month Eat Like a Fish citizen science project and the inspiration behind our cookbook Simmering the Sea!

Our next stop on the tour will take place Thursday June 6th 2019 from 6-8 pm at UMass Dartmouth’s School of Marine Science and Technology. Join us for a free, fun, and engaging discussion about the importance of diversifying New Englanders’ diets to eat a more representative variety of local seafood. Kate Masury, will present findings from the Eat Like a Fish citizen science project and discuss Simmering the Sea while Marketing Director for UMass Dartmouth Dining Services Kirby Roberts, Executive Chef Kevin Gibbons, and Director of Operations Nancy Wiseman will discuss work to feature underused local seafood resources on campus dining facilities in the region.

The discussion will be moderated by UMass Dartmouth and SMAST Assistant Professor of Fisheries Oceanography Dr. Gavin Fay. UMass Dartmouth Dining Services will be prepare a menu of small, local bites for attendees to sample at the beginning of the event.