Chefs play an important role in our food systems by setting trends and educating consumers. We partner with chefs to make local seafood approachable and appealing to the public.

If you are a chef interested in collaborating with Eating with the Ecosystem, here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Cook at one of our public events. Public events like our Scales & Tales food boat demos are a great opportunity for chefs to interact with the public face-to-face and show off your culinary flair with local fish.

  • Host an event at your restaurant. Eating with the Ecosystem loves collaborating with chefs and restaurants to curate dinners that are both delicious and tell a story about our local marine ecosystems. These are fun opportunities to work with a variety of local seafood species and support the work of Eating with the Ecosystem.

  • Hire us to educate your staff about local seafood. Eating with the Ecosystem is happy to train chefs and servers on the winning qualities of many local seafood species. Schedule a consultation with us to learn how you can diversify your restaurant’s local seafood offerings.

  • Join our Advisory NETwork. Join our inside circle of mentors by signing up for an ongoing advising role.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these ways, contact

Examples of our work

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Newport Restaurant Week Fall 2018 Local Seafood Guide

Eating with the Ecosystem partnered with Discover Newport to give local seafood a starring role in Newport Restaurant Week in Fall 2018.

Restaurants were asked to offer at least one dish featuring locally caught seafood on their restaurant week menus. In order to support local restaurant in participation, Eating with the Ecosystem produced a local seafood guide about available species during Restaurant week time period.


Scales & Tales Food Boat Events

Through the Scales & Tales Food Boat program, Eating with the Ecosystem offers free, fun, educational events to teach consumers about our local seafood, fisheries, and ecosystems. These events raise awareness for and promote local lesser known seafood species and include seafood cooking demonstrations, free samples of local seafood, and storytelling by fishermen and scientists. We are always looking for local chefs to work with us for these events.


Eating with the Ecosystem Restaurant Dinners

Eating with the Ecosystem hosts a series of seasonal fundraiser dinners at local restaurants to promote our mission of creating a place-based approach to sustaining New England’s wild seafood. We work with some of the region's most talented chefs to curate diverse and delicious multi-course seafood menus designed to tell the story of our local ecosystems. Each course features a different local fish and is often paired with wine or artisanal cocktails. While guests sit back and enjoy their meal, Eating with the Ecosystem's staff will teaches about the species being enjoyed and local fishermen share their stories of the day to day realities of living and working in our cherished marine ecosystems.  We would love to partner with you and your restaurant to host a dinner.